Dear Invited Participant of PhyMSI,
Please register following the messages you received from the organizers (for the weeks confirmed there). Please do it even if you do not need lodging provided by CIRM and IESC.


The registration at CIRM is at
the deadline is May 20.

The registration at IESC is at http://www.iesc.univ-corse.fr/spip.php?rubrique143 the deadline is June 12.


We confirm the financial support mentioned in the invitation we sent you.
If you decide to stay at a hotel or elsewhere instead of CIRM, we will try to contribute reasonably to your expenses. We will of course greatly appreciate it if you use your own funds as much as possible.


If you want to change your registration or need an official invitation, please send your request to Mme Olivia Barbarroux Administration colloques colloque@cirm.univ-mrs.fr and to Mme Dominique Donizella Dominique.Donzella@iesc.univ-corse.fr. Please Cc your request to the organizers too. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.


Those who stay at hotels will be able to use the CIRM restaurant and other Luminy restaurants. If you decide to stay at a hotel, please make your reservation as soon as possible, June is very busy month in Marseille. Booking is up to the participants, unless we instruct you otherwise.


  Citadines Castellane
Citadines Prado

Hotels in AJACCIO


Thank you,

How to reach CIRM and Luminy Campus

Please visit General Information

How to reach the Citadines from the Saint-Charles station

Please use metro M2 BOUGAINVILLE-STE MARGUERITE DROMEL, the stops are "SAINT CHARLES" and get off at "CASTELLANE" (Citadines Castellane, map) and at "ROND-POINT DU PRADO." (Citadines Prado, map).

How to reach Luminy from Citadines

We suggest using BUS 21 from Citadines to Luminy (see the schedule); about 30 minutes, 1.5€ and about 5 minutes from the bus stop (the last) to CIRM.
The taxi will cost you about 35€.

Plan metro, tram and bus of Marseille (.pdf)

Plan bus 21 (.pdf)