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The conference "DOUBLE AFFINE HECKE ALGEBRAS, THE LANGLANDS PROGRAM, AFFINE FLAG VARIETIES, CONFORMAL FIELD THEORY, SUPER YANG-MILLS THEORY"  will take place at CIRM, The international center of mathematics meetings (June 20 - July 1)

Directions to the CIRM and Luminy Campus

Here is a general map that gives you an idea of the Marseille and the localisation of the CIRM. If you arrive from the airport you have several ways:
  1. Directly by taxi from the airport to the CIRM. Give the address: 163, avenue de Luminy, Campus Luminy. The cost is around 80€ and should be paid by cash. Tell the driver that the CIRM is inside the campus, see §5 below.
  2. From the airport to the train station first, by bus: catch the shuttle "navette Aéroport - Gare St Charles" http://www.navettemarseilleaeroport.com/ It will cost you for one way 8.50€. You will arrive at Gare St Charles, the main train station. You don't need to book in advance the shuttle. There is one shuttle every 20 mns starting at 10, and from 4.30 am till 0.10 am. Travel is about 25 mns.
  3. From the train station to the CIRM by taxi: Inside the station, follow the directions to the lower floor, the taxi are close to the escalators, on the left when going down. The travel by taxi to the CIRM will cost you around 30€.
  4. From the train station to the CIRM by subway/tube/metro+bus. You can take the subway from the train station (red line, you need to buy a ticket 1.50€), direction "Bougainville - Marguerite Dromel". You stop at the station "Rond point du Prado", take the first exit on the left and go straight. Then you walk in the same direction 100 meters and cross the avenue (on your right). You need to catch bus 21 or 21S or 21Jet (or 521 if it is night, timetable: 21h19, 21h54, 22h34, 23h09, 0h24) which is every 15mns. Travel is around 30 mns and you can use the same ticket as in the subway. You exit the bus at the terminus, which is next to the entrance of the campus.
  5. The entrance of the campus, next to the bus stop, is marked out by a green gate. To get to the CIRM, you follow the main road which cross the campus, straight after the barrier. You will go along on your left a quite high building of 10 floors. Then 200 meters further, on your right, there will be a road to the CIRM (it is quite a large road, and there is a sign before). The CIRM is 100 meters further. It looks like a mansion. Here is a map.
  6. Inside the CIRM, you will find keys at the reception and your room number. The staff will welcome you from 5pm till 11 pm, but still after 11pm the keys will wait for you close to the reception and the information board. If you arrive before 9pm on Sunday there should be still some cold food waiting for you for dinner (please note that no lunch will be provided on Sunday, see below Section "For people staying on Saturday and/or Sunday").
If you arrive at the train station, see §3-4-5-6 above.  If you arrive by car, there are two freeways leading to Marseille:
  • From the West (A55 "Littoral") or the North (A7), use the "tunnel à péage Prado-Carénage". It cost a little less than 3€ but offers a important gain of time.
  • From the East (A50) leave the freeway at Marseille Centre, direction "La Capelette"


You will have your meals at the CIRM:
  • breakfast from 7 to 9 am
  • lunch at 12:30 am
  • dinner at 7:30 pm.

  • Please be on time ! If you wish to skip one meal, you need to inform the staff a few hours in advance.

  • There is wifi inside the bedrooms, the code will be written at the reception
  • You can pay (if you have agreed or have been contacted explicitly by the organisers) your stay by cash or credit cards (american express are not accepted) at the reception
  • There is a washing machine and a dryer in the main building and in the "Annexe" building. 
  • There is a place, close to the reception, for your luggage.
  • The key of your room opens the library which is closed after 6.30 pm.
  • The day you check out, please remove your luggage to the luggage room (close to the reception) before 9 am andd bring back the key.
  • Please tidy up your bedroom and let them as clean as you can.  Use wardrobe and hangers and remove luggage to ease the work of the staff.

For people staying on Satuday or/and Sunday

  The CIRM does not provide any meal on Sunday and Saturday, just on the Friday evening and  Sunday evening (cold dishes) and the breakfast on Saturday morning. You will need to get your meals (saturday lunch and dinner, sunday for breakfast and lunch) outside of the campus. In order to get downtown, you will catch bus 21, then go on the website of the public transport of Marseille RTM to find informations on bus and metro/subway/tube. Bus 21 goes to "Rond point du Prado" (the closest subway station from the CIRM), to Castellane place (where there are lots of shops around) and its terminus is Canebière-Bourse which is located very close to the old harbor of Marseille and the main avenue (la Canebière). Bus 21 operates every 15-20mns.

In the sense downtown → Luminy, Bus 21 it will work till 9pm (leaving Cannebière-Bourse) on Sunday , 9.15pm on Saturday. Note that you can also catch the 21S and 21Jet (this one operates during work hours). The night  bus 521 works every 40mns, the last one leaving the downtown center at 0.40 am (note that on Sunday, there are just 3 buses, one at 9.55pm, 11.20pm , 0.40 am). 
See Accommodation for more detail of bus 21

Here are several options:
  • You find other people in your case (let's say more than 10) and in that case you can ask an organizer to make come to the campus a caterer.
  • There is a sandwich place close to the bus stop/entrance of the campus.
  • You will find shops around "Le Prado" (take the bus 21 and stop at the subway station "Rond point du Prado"), you just need to walk along the avenue in direction of the city centre (for instance Monoprix is a big store, 258 avenue du Prado that provides ready meals, open saturday 9am till 9pm). Note that most of the shops are closed after 7 pm and on Sunday.
  • There is a market place at "La plaine" where you can find vegetables and fish on Saturday morning. Also at the old harbor (Vieux Port) you can find fish. Both markets stop at 12 am - 1pm.
Here is a list of restaurants (you will need to take the bus 21 to go back to downtown Marseille). Please check that they are opened on Sunday.
  • Chez Edouard, 150 rue Jean Mermoz 13008 (04-91-71-16-52), closed on Sunday. Around 30€
  • Toinou, 3 cours St Louis 13001, famous for shells and raw seafood. Around 25-35€
  • Les Arcenaulx, 25 Cours Estiennes d'Orves, close to the old harbor. Around 40€
  • La Madone, 92 quai du port, 13002 . Around 30€.
  • L'Oléas, 27 cours Julien 13006. Closed on Sunday. Around 25€. Other restaurants quite cheap are available in this neighborhood. See for instance Café Vian, 12 rue Vian 13006 (closed on Sunday morning) that has good wines.
  • Le roi du Couscou, 63 Rue de la République, 13002 Marseille, 04 91 91 45 46 (cheap)
  • Chez Aldo, 28, Rue Audemar-Tibido, 13008 Marseille, 04 91 73 31 55, fish restaurants in front of the sea closed on Saturday morning and Sunday evening
  • La vieille Pelle, 39 Avenue Saint Jean, 13002 Marseille Tél : 04 91 90 62 00, in the oldest neighborhood of Marseille, 'le Panier', for pizzas (cheap).
  • La part des Anges, 33, Rue Sainte, 13001 Marseille (around 25 E), specialists of wines
  • Le petit Nice, Corniche Kennedy (if you don't know what to do with your travel grant....)

To discover Marseille and the surroundings



A good idea of trip is also to go to Cassis (by walking if you are brave or by train from Gare St Charles) and to visit Aix-en-Provence (very easy to get there by train from the train station 'Gare St Charles', by bus). They are both lovely places. Not that some places of Marseille, even close to the old harbor, can be unsafe, especially at night.

Emergy phone numbers

  • SAMU (ambulance service) : 15
  • Police: 17
  • SOS doctors:
  • SOS dentists:
© CIRM: Complex and Riemannian Geometry

Cargese segment:

The conference "DOUBLE AFFINE HECKE ALGEBRAS, THE LANGLANDS PROGRAM, AFFINE FLAG VARIETIES, CONFORMAL FIELD THEORY, SUPER YANG-MILLS THEORY"  will take place at IESC, Institut d'études scientifiques de Cargèse (July 4 - July 16)


Gare Maritime has several terminals. Your ticket contains the information about the terminal you need.

Access to Gare Maritime

Passengers with vehicles:
From highway A7 - Exit 3 - follow the signs "Gare maritime"
From highway A50 - Exit to the tunnel, cross the tunnel, take the exit "Gare maritime"
From highway A55 - Exit 4 - follow the signs "Gare maritime"

Access from Luminy by car (Gare de la Joliette)

Access from Luminy (public transport):
Bus 21 - from Luminy campus to the station "Rond-Point du Prado", then (with the same ticket) subway line 2 (red) Bougainville-Dromel to the station "Joliette". Follow the signs to your teminal.


Please read the following important information about your arrival at Cargese!

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