Cargese program


There are five 1 hour lectures a day (friday is a short day) from 9:00-12:25 and from 2:30-4:40.
Please visit General Information, incl. "For people staying on Satuday or/and Sunday".

BREAKFAST: 7:00-9:00
LUNCH: 12:30-2:30
DINNER: 7:30

FIRST WEEK (June 20-24)

9h - 10h 10h15 - 11h15 11h25 - 12h25 14h30 - 15h30 15h40 - 16h40
Mon Rinat Kedem
Quantum cluster algebras and fusion products
Paul Zinn-Justin
Six- and Eight-vertex models at their combinatorial point
Tetsuji Miwa
Jasper Stokman
The c-function expansion of the quantum spherical function
Eric Rains
Vanishing integrals of Macdonald and Koornwinder polynomials
Tue Pierre Cartier
An introduction to Witt vectors
Eric Urban
Jean-Marc Fontaine
Vector bundles on curves and Galois representations
Volker Heiermann
Maarten Solleveld
The Aubert-Baum-Plymen conjecture for affine Hecke algebras
Wed Dan Ciubotaru
The Dirac operator and spin representations of the Weyl group
Alexander Kleshchev
Symmetric groups, Hecke algebras, and Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier algebras
Bernhard Kroetz
How to count
Ivan Losev
On the structure of the category O for cyclotomic rational Cherednik algebraspdf
Peng Shan
Categorifications and rational double affine Hecke algebras
Thu Syu Kato
On standard modules of affine Hecke algebras of classical types
Xinwen Zhu
Geometrical Satake for ramified groups
Eric Vasserot
Hall algebras of curves, moduli spaces of torsion free sheaves and W-algebras
Victor Ginzburg
Isospectral commuting variety
Zhiwei Yun
Global Springer representations and applications
Fri Michela Varagnolo
Affine Hecke algebras of classical type and canonical bases
Raphael Rouquier
Calogero-Moser cells

SECOND WEEK (June 27 - July 1)

9h - 10h 10h15 - 11h15 11h25 - 12h25 14h30 - 15h30 15h40 - 16h40
Mon Christoph Breuil
Extensions between Galois characters and mod p local-global compatibility for GL2
Joel Bellaiche
The p-adic L-function of evil Eisenstein series
Vytautas Paskunas
The image of Colmez's Montreal functor
Toby Gee
A Geometric Perspective on the Breuil-Mézard Conjecture
Florian Herzig
"Ordinary" representations of GLn(Qp) and algebraic fundamental representations
Tue Peter Schneider
From etale (phi, Gamma) modules to G-equivariant sheaves on G/P. Part 1
Marie-France Vigneras
From etale (phi, Gamma) modules to G-equivariant sheaves on G/P. Part 2
Frank Calegari
Generalizations of the Taylor-Wiles method
Matthew Emerton
On the mod p cohomology of Shimura varieties
Wed Andrei Okounkov
Quantum groups and quantum cohomology
Yukinobu Toda
Parabolic stable pairs on Calabi-Yau 3-folds
Roman Bezrukavnikov
Results and conjectures on geometrization of Bernstein center for p-adic groups and endoscopy
Edward Frenkel
Langlands Program, Trace Formulas, and their Geometrization
Kobi Kremnitzer
Thu Leonid Rybnikov
Quantization of Drinfeld Zastava spaces
Dennis Gaitsgory
Beilinson's spectral projectior conjecture
Alexander Braverman
Explicit description of the affine Satake isomorphism
Michael Finkelberg
Wreath Macdonald polynomials
Sergey Lysenko
Geometrizing the minimal represen-
tations of even orthogonal groups
Fri Sergei Arkhipov
Semi-infinite cohomology of quantum groups via the completion of a DG-category along a subcategory
Alexander Beilinson
On the p-adic period map

Cargese program

There are four 1 hour lectures a day from 10:00-12:15 and from 14:00-16:15.

FIRST WEEK (July 5 - July 8)

Tuesday 5, 9:30 - Presentation of IESC

9h45 - 10h45 11h - 12h 14h - 15h 15h15 - 16h15
Tue Shatashvili Samson
Kapustin Anton
Local geometric Langlands duality and the Rozansky-Witten model
Victor Kac
Variational Poisson cohomology and integrable Hamiltonian systems
Eynard Bertrand
The topological recursion in enumerative geometry
Wed Witten Edward
Dubrovin Boris
Bernard Denis
Quantum Stochastic Processes: A Case Study
Schomerus Volker
Thu Okounkov Andrei
Gromov Nikolay
Dolan Louise
Yangian Symmetry of Twistor String Theory
Staudacher Matthias
Fri Witten Edward
Gukov Sergei
Teschner Joerg
Liouville conformal blocks from quantization of moduli spaces of flat complex connections
Arutyunov Gleb
The mirror TBA

SECOND WEEK (July 11 - July 15)

9h45 - 10h45 11h - 12h 14h - 15h 15h15 - 16h15
Mon Zarembo Konstantin
Wilson loops in N=2 Superconformal Yang-Mills
Tseytlin Arkady
On correlators of Wilson loops and local operators
Janik Romuald
Drukker Nadav
Tue Sokatchev Emery
Korchemsky Gregory
Vieira Pedro
Scattering Amplitudes and Null Polygon Wilson Loops; the OPE and integrability
Albert Schwarz
Grassmanian String Theory
Wed Krichever Igor
Wiegmann Paul
Emergent conformal symmetry in Dyson-Selberg integrals
Pearce Paul
Coset graphs in logarithmic minimal models
Smirnov Fedor
Integrable structure of CFT and its applications
Thu Saulina Natalia
Topological boundary conditions and domain walls in abelian Chern-Simons theory
Giombi Simone
Higher spin theories and holography
Alexandrov Sergei
S-duality in twistor space and quantum mirror symmetry
Okuda Takuya
Localization for 't Hooft loops on S4 and S1×R3
Fri Kostov Ivan
Pasquier Vincent
Sakai Kazuhiro
Conformal perturbation theory for gluon scattering amplitudes